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Top 10 Weapons in Fallout 4 (Best Unique Weapons)

Top 10 Weapons  in Fallout 4 - We're showcasing the best Unique and Powerful Weapons  in Fallout 4 including the weapon locations.  Spray n' Pray, Reba II and more.
https://youtu.be/vNZk1TYPMgo Top 10 Unique and Powerful Weapons in Fallout 4 - I will be showcasing the best weapons, in my opinion, throughout the game. 


Destiny Xur Location May 1 (Week 34)

https://youtu.be/3ENx2st4co8 Destiny Xur Location May 1 (Week 34) Location and Items that Xur sells in Week 34, include the weapon Hard Light and the armor sets, Ruin Wings, Don't Touch…

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