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Watch Dogs 2 – Key Data Locations (Researcher Achievement / Trophy)


Watch Dogs 2 Feeding Frenzy (Achievement / Trophy Guide) Call the Cops on the Donut Man
This Collectible Guide shows all 24 Key Data Collectible Locations in Watch Dogs 2. The Key Data's unlock the Researcher Achievement / Trophy. You can find the general key data locations in the hack menu. Some of them require you to find Key Data and can only be unlocked if you have them. Check your research App and press Y (Xbox One) / Triangle (PS4) on the Key Data you want to find and you will see the general location where you can find it. Scan the world in your Quadcopter, RC Car or by yourself to get the exact location if you are near it. Many of the Key Data locations require you to have basic equipment like the RC Car or the Quadcopter. There are multiple solutions to some puzzles and only one or two require the "Environment RC" upgrade. To get the Researcher Achievement / Trophy you need to collect all 24 Key Data upgrades. None of them are missable and they are saved instantly when you pick them up. Here are the two timecode option. The first one shows it by area as shown in the video and the second one shows the timeline by Upgrades.

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