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Destiny – Silent Fang Location – Queens Wrath Bounty in the Grottos on earth


How to find the Silent Fang in the Grottos
For Petra's Bounty "Wanted: WOLF SILENT FANG", you have to go to the The Grotto on earth and kill the Silent Fang. Start up at the Patrol point on earth and make your way to the Mothyards, which is to your left from the patrol spawn. Make a right into the canyon to get to the Forgotten Shore. Pass through it straight forward and you will reach The Grotto after another short connecting canyon. Drive past the first 2 Dreg's that are standing on the road and get onto the path to your left, alongside the water. The Silent Fang is the Enemy at the end of the way after another 2 Dreg's. Your target is invisible but doesn't have much health. So if you are a well leveled character, the Silent Fang should go down in a few shots.


Destiny REPEATER SHANKS Location in the N/GEN Branch on Venus – Queens Wrath Bounty



google docs list - http://bit.ly/destiny_deadghost_checklist
Destiny REPEATER SHANKS Location Guide - N/GEN BRANCH Location
For Petra's Bounty "Wanted: REPEATER SHANKS", you have to go to the N/GEN Branch on venus and kill the three Repeater Shanks. Start up at the Patrol point on earth and make your way to the N/GEN Branch, which is to your right from the patrol spawn. The N/GEN Branch is just after the starting point for the Nexus Strike. If you haven't leveled your character very much yet, you might want to take one or two buddies with you to help out, because it can be quite challenging if are no level match for the three Repeater Shanks.

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