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Destiny: The Taken King – Court of Oryx Rune Guide

Destiny: The Taken King - Court of Oryx Rune Guide
The Court of Oryx is a new activity introduced with The Taken King Expansion. To find it, you have to go to the Dreadnaught patrol point and take the right connecting path to the next area. You can see the Court of Oryx in the middle of this big room. It is covered with green energy that damages you while the event is inactive. The Court of Oryx works like a public event with a few twists. The first difference is that the fight has to be started by a player and is not happening on its own. To start the event one player has to activate one version, ranging from tier 1-3. One being the easiest and three being a tough fight that requires multiple players. If you see other guardians already fighting in The Court of Oryx you can join them by simply jumping into the ring. The person that starts the event will get the biggest reward after completion. The most important difference is the activation of these events. To start a Court of Oryx fight, you have to present a rune to one of the statues. These runes can be earned through different activities. Here's a short breakdown for each tier. court of oryx


Exotic Engram Farming with “Three of Coins” Consumable in Destiny

Exotic Engram Farming with "Three of Coins" in Destiny: The Taken King


With the introduction of "Three of Coins", a consumable that gives you a chance for exotic engrams from ultras, you're now able to stock up on all kinds of exotics very efficiently. First you need to buy the new "Three of Coins" from Xur. Make sure you also have some heavy synth and a rocket launcher on board and you are good to go for the Exotic Engram farming.


Destiny: The Taken King – Farming Hadium Flakes and Chests on the Dreadnaught

Farming Hadium Flakes in Destiny: The Taken King
https://youtu.be/9UDb8s8uuLw   Hadium_FlakesDuring the Quest "A Broken Will", Eris wants you to collect 25 Hadium Flakes to reforge the blade, which will reward you with your own sword. These Hadium Flakes are found in chests on the Dreadnaught. The best strategy of farming Hadium Flakes is to stay in one area, like the patrol point (Hull Breach) and run circles while checking all the potential spawn points .

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