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Destiny 2 | Fast Way to FARM 15 SERVITORS for “Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Lord Shaxx”


Fast way of farming  SERVITOR locations during the "Dawning's Gift Schematic: Lord Shaxx" challenges in Destiny 2.
Servitors can be found in specific public events like EDZ's Outskirts or Firebase Hades or the Exodus Black on Nessus which is probably the fastest way to farm Servitors. Exodus Black has a cave that respawns a Servitor each time you leave it. This spot is perfect for fast Servitor farming since you can collect the Servitor kill inside the cave, leave it again and hop into the Servitor public event outside.
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GRAFFITI Locations in Episode 3 | Life is Strange: Before the Storm


All GRAFFITI Locations | Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3
Here are all 10 Graffiti locations in Episode 3 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. GRAFFITI LOCATIONS TIMECODES: Youtube LinkTimecode links will take you to Youtube Rachel's Room 1 00:03 2 00:39 Price House - Upstairs 3 01:07 4 01:51 Junkyard 5 02:31 Hospital 6 03:58 7 04:36 8 05:31 Amber House - Office 9 06:51 Old Mill 10 07:23
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Prey 2017 REVIEW – A world filled with opportunity

Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC Developer: Arkane Studios Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Genre: First-Person Action Release: May 5th, 2017 Review copy provided by Bethesda Softworks (Playstation 4)  
he Prey we see before us today has a long development process and many shifts in story and gameplay behind it. Initially developed by 3D Realms as Prey 2, this unfinished project was announced way back in 2006 and should focus on a bounty hunter called Samuels who lost part of his memory. When the rights transferred to ZeniMax Media, the game was re-announced in 2011 with changes to story, characters and a focus on a more open world. Six years later, we finally get to play a new Prey, it's Prey. The story takes place in a fictional timeline where President John F. Kennedy survived the day he was assassinated. This fuels him to fund space programs leading mankind into other worlds which attracts the attention of an alien race called Typhon. The space station Talos 1 is built to learn more about the Typhon. You start your adventure on the station as Director of Research Morgan Yu, who learns early on nothing is as it seems.


Outlast 2 REVIEW – Horror goes very dark

Outlast 2 (Survival Horror)
Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC Developer: Red Barrels Publisher: Red Barrels Genre: Survival Horror Release: April 25th, 2017 Review copy provided by Red Barrels (Xbox One)  
utlast 2 opens up its theme and the mystery buried deep underneath it right at the beginning of the game. Like its predecessor, there is a central question that screams to be answered, but here you immediately get the sense that there is much more to unravel. The game starts with the journalist couple Blake and Lynn Langermann in a helicopter on their way to investigate a story about a Jane Doe who was found dead while pregnant in the Arizona desert. Moments later Blake gets separated from Lynn finding the pilot skinned and tied to a tree. Blake wakes up in a world where religion and cults reign and a mysterious Father Knoth is the leader of a cult called Temple Gate.

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