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Welcome to randomChievos, my name is Alex and i life in Austria. I’m a big gaming fan ever since the NES era. Achievements have become one of my favourite challenges that come with gaming and always kept me coming back to games i probably would have never touched again. RandomChievos is all about these challenges and helping fellow gamers. Since i’m doing this on my own, the guides i upload are focused mainly on big releases and achievements/trophies that are in the medium to difficult range like collectibles. I have a light background in web-design and really enjoy graphic design. randomchievos.com has all the videos from my Youtube Channel, but in a more organized fashion which i’m really excited about.



What content are you putting on the websites besides guides?

Gaming News and Reviews.

How regular are News and Reviews coming?

This depends on the amount of guides i’m putting out at the moment. I’m running the site and the channel by myself and will always put priority on guides. I consider News and Reviews a nice way to do something different besides creating videos.

How do you pick the games for your guides?

Triple-A releases come first and regular titles and indie-games second.


Mail: alex at randomchievos.com

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