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Mount Steep Diamond Gnome Puzzle Solution (step-by-step) Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

How to solve the stone pillar puzzle in Mount Steep to unlock the Diamond Gnome. Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

★Town Center (Plants)
All 24 Golden Gnomes – https://youtu.be/vq38vEpa8jA
All 3 Diamond Gnomes – https://youtu.be/WxlhDgrZ78Q
All 20 Golden Fish – https://youtu.be/lKvnZoeNTNo
All 10 Exercise Tapes – https://youtu.be/aJ8mbPZg6RY

★Weirding Woods (Zombies)
All 24 Golden Gnomes – https://youtu.be/ZaYCzZck2gw
All 3 Diamond Gnomes – https://youtu.be/hoA8dt_42gM
All 12 Campfires – https://youtu.be/vfWKahmPY3k
All 10 Audio Logs – https://youtu.be/FrCUzxSz47U

★Mount Steep (Plants)
All 24 Golden Gnomes – https://youtu.be/PzcsqzIPSR4

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