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All 20 Golden Fish Locations | PvZ: Battle for Neighborville (Gnomish Taco Bate Super Rare)

All 20 Golden Fish Locations in Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.

You can start this side quest at the “Best fishing friend” on the plants side. After you talk to him you can collect the 20 golden fish hidden at the plants / zombies headquarters and in the park. After you find all 20 golden fish locations go back to the best fishing friend and collect your reward, the Gnomish Tace Bate which is a super rare item.

PvZ: Battle for Neighborville (Gnomes, Golden Fish,…)

All 24 Golden Gnomes – https://youtu.be/vq38vEpa8jA
All 3 Diamond Gnomes – https://youtu.be/WxlhDgrZ78Q

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