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Fortnite | WEEK 9 Secret Battle Star Location (Season 8 Battle Star Discovery Loading Screens)

Secret Battle Star Location for Week 9 Season 8 in Fortnite. Discovery Loading Screen locations of Battle Stars and Banners.

After completing all challenges for nine weekly challenge sheets, you unlock a new loading screen showing peely with a chest. In the background you can see a drawing of the Viking ship on the wall with the battlestar above it.

Season 8 Week 9 Challenges

Free Challenges

Stage 1/5: Land at Loot Lake
Stage 2/5: Land at Lucky Landing
Stage 3/5: Land at Salty Springs
Stage 4/5: Land at Lonely Lodge
Stage 5/5: Land at Haunted Hills
Search (7) chests at Polar Peak or Lonely Lodge
Ride (3) different Volcano Vents without landing

Battle Pass Challenges

Stage 1/3: Dance between three ice sculptures
Stage 2/3: Dance between three dinosaurs
Stage 3/3: Dance between four hotsprings
Deal (500) damage to opponents from below
Revive a teammate at a Reboot Van
Eliminate an opponent in (5) different matches

★ Challenges – https://bit.ly/season-8-challenges
★ Secret Battle Stars – https://bit.ly/season-8-secret-battle-stars

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