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Resident Evil 2 | Finding All Chess Plugs + Solving Monitor Room Chess Puzzle (1st+2nd run)

The Chess room Puzzle in the Monitor Room requires you to find 3 more chess plugs to solve the puzzle and open the Monitor Room Door.

The First 2 Chess Plugs can be found by going through the Bottom Waterway that leads into the Storage room. Inside you can find the first two chess plugs (King and Queen), including the Flamethrower for Leon or the Spark Shot for Claire.

Chess Plugs 1&2 Storage Room

  • Way to the Bottom Waterway / Storage Room 00:03
  • Storage Room Solution & collecting 2 Plugs 01:44

Chess Plug 3

  • Way to last Plug through Workroom 04:09

Chess Room Puzzle

  • Solution 06:13

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