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Fortnite | WEEK 5 Secret Battle Star Location (Season 7 Week 5 Loading Screen / Snowfall Skin)

How to find the Secret Battle Star for Season 7 Week 5. To unlock the Snowfall Skin, you need to complete 60 weekly challenges. By completing two weekly challenge sheets, you are rewarded with a loading screen that has a secret banner hint. This loading screen leads you to the bigfoot cave on the south side of the map.

Season 7 Week 5 Challenges

Free Challenges

  • Deal Damage to Opponent’s Structures – 5000
  • Dance on top of:
    • Water Tower
    • Ranger Tower
    • Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Eliminate an Opponent from closer than 5m away (3)

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Suppressed Weapon Eliminations (3)
  • Search Chests at Wailing Woods or Paradise Palms (7)
  • Search between a Giant Rock Man, a Crowned Tomato and an Encircled Tree
  • Land at:
    • Polar Peak
    • Fatal Fields
    • Tomato Temple
    • Leaky Lake
    • Snobby Shores

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★ 14 Days of Fortnite – http://bit.ly/14-days-of-fortnite

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Season 7 Challenges

Season 7 Battle Stars/Banners

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