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14 Days of Fortnite – DAY 14 Search Chests (Equalizer Glider Reward / Easy Chest Route)

To get the last reward, the Equalizer Glider, you need to search 14 chests on the last day of “14 Days of Fortnite”. Simply land at a location where you know many chest spawns, like Lonely Lodge from the video and grab as many as you can. After opening 14 chests you will get the Equalizer Glider as a reward in your locker.

★ Challenges – https://bit.ly/season-7-challenges
★ Secret Battle Stars – https://bit.ly/season-7-secret-battle-stars
★ 14 Days of Fortnite – http://bit.ly/14-days-of-fortnite

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14 Days of Fortnite

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