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Fortnite WEEK 7 How to find SLURP JUICE Locations + Drops Rates (Season 6 Challenges)

Best ways to find Slurp Juice for Week 7 Season 6 in Fortnite. Slurp Juice can be found as Floor Loot, in Chests, Supply Drops, Llamas, Cube Fragments and in Vending Machines.

IMPORTANT: If you are doing the Season 6 Week 7 challenge, make sure that you only use the Slurp Juice when your health is low and under 50. If you fill your shield it will not count towards this challenge.

Drop Rates and additional info: 

Slurp Juice Drop Rates

Supply Drop – 10.6%
Chests – 4.6 %
Llama – 4.6%
Floor Loot – 0.71%

So your best chance to get a Slurp Juice is definitely the Supply Drop. Use 50v50 playlists where supply drops appear more often.

Youtube Playlists (Season 6):

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