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Fortnite WEEK 7 Deal 500 damage in a single Match (Season 6 / Tips & Tricks)

Easy Strategy to complete “Deal 500 damage to opponents in a single Match” in this week 7 Season 6 Challenge.

Damage dealt in this challenge has to be in one match and you have to restart the 500 damage counter once you start a new game.

To make this challenge a lot easier, hop into a Team-based mode like duos or squads. Stick to your teammates and move with the other players. This has the big advantage that you can get revived and continue the challenge after getting downed.

The main reason to pick these modes for this challenge though is that you can get extra damage on downed enemies and complete the 500 damage a lot easier.

Standard players with full health and max shield will have 200 points for you to grab. Additionally, you can get 100 damage points when they are down. So if you are lucky you can complete the final stage with 2 enemies.

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