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Black Ops 4 | How to Unlock “WOODS” (Bandana Location / You see that Hind? Challenge)

To unlock Woods (Icon Character) in Black Ops 4 Blackout, you need to find”Woods Bandana”, fly a helicopter for at least 1 minute and win the match. If you fail to complete the character mission for any reason in one match, you need to find Wood’s Bandana again in the next game again.

The bandana mission item can be found north of Firing Range on a crate next to the helicopter spawn.


The bandana sometimes spawns on a crate next to the helicopter. Both the helicopter and the bandana usually show up in the same match, which makes the first part of the challenge a lot easier. It is still a challenge because this helicopter spawn location is usually a hotspot and you will have to fight for the bandana in many cases.

But if you make it to the helicopter with the bandana in your inventory the first part of the Woods challenge is nearly done. Simply stay in the air for 60 seconds or more.


This is the real challenge and it will require some luck of course. Try to be very careful, stock up on health items and stay out of the action as long as you can. If you can make it to the top 5 with full health and armor you have very good cards to win the game and unlock Woods.

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