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Black Ops 4 | How to Unlock Characters “FIREBREAK” (Burned Doll + Supply Stash & Molotov Locations)

To unlock Firebreak in Black Ops 4 Blackout, you need to find the “Burned Doll”, defeat 1 enemy with fire and finish the match with the Burned Doll in your inventory. If you fail to complete the character mission for any reason in one match, you need to find the Juneau’s Tags again in the next game again.

The Burned Doll mission item can spawn exclusively in the green supply stashes (Not the supply drops from planes)


Almost all of the wind towers in the southeast corner of the map have the potential to spawn special boxes, like the supply stashes. Grab a helicopter or one of the quads nearby and go from tower to tower, peaking inside to see if it has one of the big supply boxes inside.


The Molotov’s you need for the fire part of the challenge can be found all over the map in all kinds of places. Pay extra attention to the small equipment boxes (Wind Towers are a good spot again for this) since they have a good chance to spawn molotov’s.

Another good spot is the Firing Range. This location is packed with loot and some of the buildings have multiple explosives almost every match.

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