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Black Ops 4 | How to Unlock Characters “TORQUE” (Finding Torque’s Note / Tips and Strategy)

To unlock Torque in Black Ops 4 Blackout, you need to find Torque’s Note first and place 1 Barricade and 2 Razor Wires. After that, the match has to be finished within the top 30. If you fail to complete the character mission for any reason in one match you need to find Torque’s Note again in the next game.

This is by far the most difficult part of these missions. The Character items, like Torque’s note are very unreliable drops. But you can at least focus your search because this item will only drop from supply drops or supply boxes.

A good strategy here is to grab a helicopter at the beginning of the match and chase down the supply plane that is coming in a few times. Grab the supply drop as fast as you can and hope for the right mission items.

Once you got them, simply place 1 Barricade and 2 Razor Wires and play it safe until you place in one of the top 30 spots. After that, you can play the game as usual and get the Torque character skin at the end of the match.

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