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Black Ops 4 | How to Unlock Characters “RECON” (Finding I Ching Coins / Supply Drop Strategy)

To unlock Recon in Black Ops 4 Blackout, you need to find I Ching Coins from Supply Drops, avoid getting Collapse damage and reach the placement goal. If you fail to complete the character mission for any reason in one match, you need to find the I Ching Coins again in the next game.


For some reason the I Ching Coins did never drop once while i was playing solo Blackout. After i switched to Duos or Quad, character mission items started dropping every now and then.

So keep this in mind in case this is a bug or intentional and play with others while you hunt for character missions.


  • A good strategy here is to grab a helicopter at the beginning of the match and chase down the supply plane that is coming in a few times. Grab the supply drop as fast as you can and hope that it holds the I Ching Coins.
  • The wind towers in the south-east of the map are a great place to hunt for supply stashes. The towers have usually a very low enemy frequency and do spawn a lot of medical bags, ammo bags and also the supply stashes that you are looking for.
  • If you come across the Looter perk, always use it to see through walls and identify possible supply stashes without having to search every house.

Once you got the I Ching Coins, simply play it safe until you reach the placement goal for the Recon character mission and avoid getting collapse damage.

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