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Black Ops 4 | How to Unlock Characters “CRASH” (Finding Poker Chips / Medical Bag Farming)

To unlock Crash in Black Ops 4 Blackout, you need to find Poker Chips in a Medical Bag, collect 15 healing items and reach the placement goal. If you fail to complete the character mission for any reason in one match, you need to find the I Ching Coins again in the next game.


The Poker Chips are an extremely rare spawn in Blackout. They can exclusively be found in the red medical bags.

  • The wind towers in the south-east of the map are a decent place to farm for medical bags and poker chips. The towers have usually a very low enemy frequency and do spawn a lot of medical bags. Grab a Quad and drive from tower to tower and you should get about 3 medical bags each run.
  • If you come across the Looter perk, always use it to see through walls and identify possible medical bags without having to search every house.

To make this even more effective, grab a quad and drive from house to house and look for the medical bags. You have to look carefully, but the medical bag has a unique shape that lets you distinguish it from the rest of the items.

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