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Black Ops 4 | Dark Ops Challenge 9 (BLACKOUT) Fist Fighter Challenge in Battle Royal

How to complete Dark Ops challenge 8 in Blackout (Battle Royal) in COD Black Ops 4. This Challenge is called Fist Fighter and in order to complete it you need to get a melee takedown in Blackout.

This challenge can be very hard since you need to get a bit lucky and players usually have weapons immediately once the get to the ground. That’s why it best to land somewhere remote at first and get the brawler kit and a full armor set.

After that, look for a mystery box and wait there for a player or surprise one who is digging through the loot.

The Blackout Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has 9 Dark Ops Challenges. None of them have a description or location attached until you find the actual challenge and complete it. Once you complete a dark ops challenge you unlock a new calling card.

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