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Black Ops 4 | Dark Ops Challenge 6 (BLACKOUT) Stay Tuned / Final Dark Ops Fixed in Battle Royal

How to complete the final 9th Dark Ops Challenge called Stay Tuned in Blackout “Activate the Emergency Broadcast”. This is Dark Ops Challenge 6 in the calling card showcase menu.

Black Ops 4 – Dark Ops Challenge 6 (Blackout)

The Blackout Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has 9 Dark Ops Challenges. None of them have a description or location attached until you find the actual challenge and complete it. Once you complete a dark ops challenge you unlock a new calling card.

It is located in the main satellite building in Array. Enter the building from the Northside, walk up the stairs that bend to the left a bit and directly in front of you in the next room you see a machine with a green light blinking. Go up to it and press X/Square to activate the emergency broadcast. This will unlock the Stay Tuned calling card and finish the Dark Ops challenge tied to it.

This Dark Ops Challenge was previously unobtainable and was fixed in patch 1.04

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