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Black Ops 4 | Dark Ops Challenge 5 (BLACKOUT) Back in the Ground Challenge in Battle Royal

How to complete Dark Ops challenge 5 (Kill 100 Zombies) in Blackout (Battle Royal) in COD Black Ops 4. This Challenge is called “Back in the Ground” and in order to complete it, you need to find and defeat 100 Zombies.

They can exclusively be found near mystery boxes in Blackout. Make sure to keep an eye on the sky to see the blue glow that the mystery boxes shoot into the sky. It takes a while to get the 100 zombie kills, but if you focus on this challenge you can farm multiple mystery boxes each match and get the “Back in the Ground” Dark Ops Challenge done quickly.

Black Ops 4 – Dark Ops Challenge 5 (Blackout)

The Blackout Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has 9 Dark Ops Challenges. None of them have a description or location attached until you find the actual challenge and complete it. Once you complete a dark ops challenge you unlock a new calling card.

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