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WHAT HAS CHANGED in Season 6 | Best New Map Changes in Fortnite (Secret Bunker, Cube Island,…)

Here are the 8 Best New Changes in Fortnite Season 6. Although there are no new named locations so far, the center piece of the new map is the floating cube island in the middle of loot lake. Also Wailing Woods could be one of the more important areas for this Seasons Storyline. A secret underground base and a tunnel systems that’s in development could be just the beginning here.

The new Shadow Stones with the ability to phase shift through walls is a great new addition for combat and travel.

1 Cube Floating above Loot Lake 00:22
2 Cube symbols sites & Shadow Stones 01:06
3 Grown Corn Fields 01:50
4 Castle next to Haunted Hills 02:20
5 Villain/Superhero Base falling apart 03:00
6 Halloween Shop 04:12
7 Secret Bunker under Wailing Woods 04:37
8 Upcoming Tunnel System 05:40
9 New Pets & Menu Music 06:18

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