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How to Solve the White Queen Puzzle in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Brave Adventurer)

The White Queen Puzzle in the Croft Manor in Shadow of the Tomb Raider starts once you enter the museum.

Young Lara looks at the child painting that has all the clues you need to solve the white queen puzzle.

  1. Set the globe to North 30 and East 90 by using the two cranks
  2. Place the two knights on the chess board on the inner square facing the ladder.
  3. Climb up the ladder to the upper floor, walk to the other side and use the crank there to open up the wings.
  4. Now that the Queen is visible, you only have to move one the cranks of the globe to open the gate and free the white queen.
  5. To finish the puzzle, go up the queen and drag her to the chess field.

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