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Destiny 2 | SILENT FANG Bounty Location and Walkthrough (Weekly Spider Bounty)

Wanted: Silent Fang is the new Bounty you get from Spider this week. Your target can be found in the EDZ and has a recommended light of 540. So make sure you have a fireteam or are near 540 and you won’t have too much trouble defeating Silent Fang.

Once you’re at the cave, you immediately notice that the Exploder Shanks are dropping bombs. You need to use them to get into the Silent Fang boss room and throughout the whole encounter.

Silent Fang will be shielded and you need to take out the source of his shield with the bombs. At first his shield sources are the generators in the room. Destroy them and immediately deal as much damage as you can to Silent Fang. After he regains protection again you have to repeat this until the generators are gone.

Now Servitors will spawn in and protect Silent Fang. Repeat the same steps as before and take out the Servitors with bombs to take out Silent Fang’s Shields.

Repeat this until the bounty target is down and cash in your reward.

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