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Fortnite | How to Find Llama Locations WEEK 1 Challenge (Best Spots for Supply Llamas Season 5)

This weeks challenge in Fortnite requires you to find a supply llama location. The Llamas in Fortnite are dropped at random onto the map and only at very few of them appear each match.

Since there is no definite location guide for this, here are some tips from personal experience and Epic themselves. The Llama Patch notes state that only 3 appear each match and that they will not spawn inside building. Instead they will drop on the highest possible location, like on a tree, hill or rooftop.

While the Llama locations are random, there seem to be some Hotspots on the map that are more likely to spawn supply Llamas than others. Reddit user Overwatchero4 has created a heatmap of the fortnite island that shows the locations that spawned the most Llamas for him. With about 800 Llamas as reference points.

In my personal experience loot lake was the most successful location. So my tip would be, drop over loot lake take a glance at the water (they can spawn there too) and land north of loot lake to check for llamas

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