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Fortnite | All CLAY PIGEON Locations WEEK 3 Challenge (Shoot Clay Pigeons at Different Locations)

How to find all clay pigeons for season 5 week 3 challenge in Fortnite. For the Clay pigeon challenge this week, you need to shoot 4 flying clay pigeons at different locations around the map. The machines have to be started manually by pressing X/Square. Then the clay pigeon machine reloads and shoots a projectile in the air. Find a weapon nearby and shoot it so it counts towards this weeks new challenge.

All Week 3 Season 5 Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royal

– Deal damage to opponents as the passenger of an ATK or Shopping Cart 0/100
– Search Chests in Fatal Fields 0/7
– Eliminate opponents in Haunted Hills 0/3
– Shoot a Clay Pigeon at different locations 0/5
– Use a Launchpad 0/1
– Follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory 0/1
– Explosive Weapon Eliminations 0/3

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