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Vampyr | How to Find WATER Location for the PLANT (Unlife is Strange Achievement / Trophy Guide)

Where to find water for the plant in Vampyr. By saving the plant in the hospital you earn the “Unlife is Strange” Achievement / Trophy.

How to Find Water for the Plant

When you first enter Johnathan’s room in the hospital, a dying flower can be found next to the workbench. You need to find water to safe the plant but the hospital or even the buildings don’t have water you can use. So in order to find water that the plant requires you need to play through the story until chapter 4. This Chapter leads you to the West-End.

The water can be found in a medicine cabinet of a destroyed building. Pick it up and return to the hospital where you can water the plant now. The plant will not grow instantly and requires a bit of time. Sleep 3 times in the upgrade bed next to it and look at it again to earn the Unlife is Strange Achievement / Trophy.

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