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Vampyr | How to Enter/Exit the Sewer (Finding the Secret Sewer Exit & Sean Hampton Shelter)

A quick run through of the sewers in Vampyr and how to find the Secret Sewer Exit leading to Sean Hampton. Once the story takes you south to the Western Docks, you have to find the sewer entrance. The gate that takes you underground can be found just left of a large gate on the beach.


Give A Dog A Bad name (Story Mission)
Go back to Sean Hampton’s shelter and confront him

The sewer itself is relatively straight forward aside from some branching paths that don’t take you too far off course. On your first visit you might have trouble finding the secret sewer exit. Low lighting and no directions don’t really help this location here. But if you follow the stairway east, you can find a small bar and a way that leads you out of the sewers

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