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Fortnite WEEK 8 Map Changes | ROCKET Starting in Update 4.5 + New Tilted Towers Building

The new map changes coming to Fortnite with update 4.5 could start the rocket that’s sittin next to greasy grove. A new building in Tilted towers is also suggested by the looks of the updated world map from IGN.

The rocket base has been showing a dark spot in the middle this season and for the first time, the updated map for week 8 shows the rocket being gone from the top view. Which would make it very likely that the rocket will finally take off this Tuesday.

There will also be some changes in Tilted Towers, as it appears that the filled in spot where the meteor hit get an updgrade. The map for update 4.5 suggests that a new building, or at least a solid floor will cover the dirt patch from now on.

We will know more on Tuesday when update 4.5 will be live and we can actually see the new changes to the map.


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