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Fortnite WEEK 6 Challenge | Spray over different Carbide or Omega Posters ( 7 Poster Locations)

For the upcoming week 6 challenge you need to find 7 poster locations of Carbide or Omega and spray over them. These new poster where introduced last week into the game and are spread across the map. There are more than 7 carbide and omega posters but you only need 7 to complete this week 6 challenge.

To select a spray, go to your locker and equip one from the emotes section.

Carbide and Omega Poster Locations

1 East of Pleasant Park 00:03
2 Moisty Mire 00:36
3 Tomato Town Tunnel 00:59
4 Tilted Towers 01:31
5 Shifty Shafts Bridge 01:58
6 Hill North of Salty Springs 02:29
7 Shipping Containers north of Retail Row 02:52

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