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Fortnite | How to Find SUPPLY DROPS Week 6 (Best Supply Drop Strategy / Drop Locations)

This weeks Fortnite Battle Royal Challenges require you to search 3 supply drops. This is another tricky challenge since supply drops only appear in the later half of the battle royal match. They also only drop a couple of times before the match ends.

A good strategy to get a supply drop each match is to lay low and stay on the edge of the storm circle. Avoid all combat wait until the storm circle closes in 1-2 times.

In my experience the drops started coming in when the player count got to 20-30. Once the circle is smaller, listen closely to the sound drop that signals each supply drop.

This sound effect also lets you know how close the supply drop is to your position. You will hear the cue a lot clearer and loader if the supply drop is close.

When you hear this sound, look at the sky and try to find the drop. Now sprint towards it and hope that no one gets it before you.

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