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Far Cry 5 | Live Event #10 JUNE 5 (Indirect Explosions – Hurk Jr. Outfit + Senator Helicopter)

How to get 6 Indirect explosive Kills to unlock Hurk Jr. Outfit and Senator Helicopter. New Live Event 10 in Far Cry 5.

Week 10 in Far Cry 5 has another explosive challenge online. This time you have to get indirect explosive kills to unlock the new Senator Helicopter and the Hurk Jr. Outfit.

Go to the shop and stock up on remote explosives and rockets. An easy way to complete this challenge is to simply wait for cultist trucks on a street, wait until they see you and get out, then take them out by shooting at the car. Here it’s important that you wait until the enemies get out of the vehicle or it won’t count as an indirect explosion.

You can also check outposts for barrels and parked cars and use these to complete the challenge.

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