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State of Decay 2 | How to cure Blood Plague + Finding Blood Samples (Raising Moral in the Camp)

One key aspect in keeping a high moral in State of Decay 2 is to treat and cure blood plague infections in your camp. These can fatigue your character and even turn him into a zombie if he doesn’t get the blood plague cure in time.

To prepare your camp for infections make sure you have an infirmary or field hospital and some blood samples in stock. These blood samples drop regularly from plague zombies with red eyes. If you are engaging in combat often, you should have a good amount ready to go.

More blood samples can also be found in medical supplies or by destroying plague hearts.


If your character is bitten by plagued zombies (red eyes) your plague meter goes up. In this stage of the infection you can simply treat it with 3 plague samples at the infirmary. This is called “Infection Therapy”

Finding Blood Samples AFTER BREAKOUT

Once the plague meter is filled up after too much zombies bit you, a timer starts and your character will need the “plague cure”. If this is not treated this character will turn into a zombie and you lose him/her.

To avoid this, go to your infirmary and look for “Prepare Plague Cure” in the “Craft Medical Items” section. Use another character to craft it and give it to your infected character to cure the blood plague.

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