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Monster Hunter World | SAKURA Event Quest (Unlock Street Fighter V Outfit / Empress in Full Bloom)

The new Event Quest in Monster Hunter World unlocks the Street Fighter V character Sakura. Go to the gathering hub in Astera and check the challenges at the arena counter. Three new quests called “Empress in Full Bloom” 1,2 and 3 are tied to the new outfit and will unlock the crafting materials for the Sakura armor set.

Sakura Armor Set Materials

  • 4x SFV Ticket II
  • 4x Hunter King Coin
  • 4x Rathian Coin
  • 6x Pink Rathian Scale+

The difference between the 3 quests is the weapon and armor loadout for the arena, but rewards are the same.

If you have trouble finding someone to complete these arena quests with, make sure to join an online session with the preference Arena.


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