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God of War | Unique Axe Pommel Puzzle Unlock (Forbidden Grip of the Ages / Best Gear God of War

The Forbidden Grip of the Ages is a secret axe pommel in God of War that shoots a concussion wave. This is one of most elaborate puzzles in God of war that was found in the cloth map and cracked by reddit users.

The unique axe pommel is located inside a realm tear on the muspelheim tower. You can access the tower by traveling to the lookout tower with your boat and following the way. Make sure you progress in the story if you can’t progress on the path.

Once you’re at the muspelheim tower defeat a traveler that is waiting on the platform and begin with the puzzle by standing on the circle.

You now have to look in specific directions. The 4 directions you are working with are

Center – Tyr’s Temple
Left – Brazier on the left side of the tower
Right – Brazier on the right side of the tower
Down – Floor

Use the order below to unlock the realm tear and the Forbidden Grip of the Ages. A gong signal the correct input of the first 5 directions and at the end. If you want to reset the puzzle, exit and re-enter the circle and start with direction 1 again.

1 Center
2 Left
3 Center
4 Right
5 Left
6 Straight
7 Down
8 Right
9 Left
10 Straight

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