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God of War | How to find ANCHOR OF FOG (Best Chest Loot in Nilfheim / Unlocking Epic Gear)

The Anchor of Fog is an epic item in Nilfheim that unlocks realm tears. Some of the best epic gear in God of War is hidden behind these tears that require Anchor of Fog and mist echoes.

There are 2 arenas in Nilfheim that spawn the Anchor of Fog item but like the whole area, it is randomized to some extent. The arenas shown in the video will not always unlock the epic item. To increase the chances, make sure to pick up all chests that lead up to the Anchor of Fog chests.


00:28 Path to Anchor of Fog arena 1
01:25 Path to Anchor of Fog arena 2

02:18 Realm Tear 1
03:59 Realm Tear 2
06:32 Realm Tear 3

Impossible Trials


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