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Fortnite | THANOS Abilities Showcase (Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Powers Fortnite Battle Royal)

The Thanos Solo game mode in Fortnite Battle Royal is time limited and allows players to pick up the infinity gauntlet from Avengers and become Thanos. While you play as thanos you get increased health and a shield that regenerates each time you defeat an enemy. Thanos can’t build but has the following abilities.

All Thanos Abilities in Fortnite Battle Royal

Ability 1 – A mighty punch that knocks enemies back and destroys structures.
Ability 2 – Thanos flies towards the ground, hitting an area for knockback and damage.
Ability 3 – Harness the energy of the Power stone to fire a blast that deals damage over time.
Ability 4 – A super-jump that can vault Thanos over all but the largest obstructions.

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