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Fortnite | Best Ways to get Trap Kills WEEK 4 Challenge (How to find Traps / Best Trap Locations)

This weeks Fortnite Battle Royal Challenges require you to get one trap elimination. Since most traps are not instant kills, this is quite the challenge.

A good spot to find traps and grab a quick trap elimination is in Tilted Towers where most of the players will land usually. While you fly in scan the roof tops and windows for traps and try to get your hands on one as quickly as possible.

If you get lucky with a trap, go to one of the tall buildings and place a trap behind a door in the stairways. Make some noise to attract players and hope for the best.

Another good method to get your trap elimination is by playing duos or squad game modes. In these modes, downed enemies will crawl and give you the chance to place a trap underneath.

Season 4 Challenges

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