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Far Cry 5 | Live Event #8 MAY 22 (Guns for Hire Kills / MP34 “Rye and Sons” + Rye Family Outfit)

The new Live Event 8 in Far Cry 5 is live and requires you to get 10 Guns for Hire Kills to unlock the new MP34 “Rye and Sons” submachine gun. The community challenge that unlocks automatically after some time will give you the new Rye family outfit.

To get the 10 Guns for Hire kills simply pick up some of your sidekicks on the map if you haven’t done so already. They can be found by their picture on the map and will follow you once you complete a mission for them.

Now go to the menu and pick them in the roster section and assign them to your left or right D-Pad. Cheesburger the Bear is one of the best Guns for Hire and does his job usually on it’s own if he is surrounded by enemies. Take him with you to an enemy camp and you will unlock the new MP34 “Rye and Sons” in no time.



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