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Far Cry 5 | Live Event #7 MAY 15 (Sniper Rifle from 160 meters / Armstrong Plane + Hunter Outfit)

The new Live Event 7 in Far Cry 5 requires you to get 6 Sniper Rifle Kills from 160 meters distance. The rewards this week are the new Armstrong plane and a hunter outfit.

As usual the first reward (Armstrong Plane) is the personal challenge and unlocks after you complete your 6 Sniper kills from 160m.

For the community challenge you have to wait until enough people have played this challenge and filled the blue challenge bar.

As for the personal challenge, grab your best sniper rifle with the highest range and travel to the Telecom Tower in John’s Region. Up there you can see clear and far in every direction. Most importantly you want to check out the crossroad east from you and the camp to the south.

Make sure to fire a warning shot at the camp to make the 2 guards come out. Since you are so far away the fence that blocks these two is invisible. Once they run out of the camp, take them out with the sniper.

If you want to respawn all enemies airdrop in from the nearby camp and repeat until you have your 6 sniper kills from 160 meters.



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