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Far Cry 5 | Live Event #6 -May 8- (Finding Featured Arcade Maps / M9 Pistol + Deputy Outfit)

The new live event 6 is online in Far Cry 5 and it requires you to spend 40 minutes in featured arcade maps. This week you can unlock the new M9 Pistol skin and a Deputy Outfit. As usual the personal challenge unlocks once you reach your goal of 40 minutes. The community challenge on the other hand is tied to the global goal for each platform and unlocks automatically once enough time is spent in featured arcade games.

To find one of these matches, open your menu and select the arcade in the online section. Regular matches don’t count towards this weeks challenge so you need to make sure you select a featured map. You can do this by pressing X/Square in either the multiplayer browser or the solo/Coop menu. Select one of the maps and make sure you complete them. If you quit early the progress towards the weekly goal might not count.

Once your done, visit a weapon vendor in singleplayer and collect your new M9 Pistol Skin.



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