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Far Cry 5 | Live Event #5 -May 1- (Finding Wolves / Shovel Launcher + New Outfit)

The new live event 5 requires you to hunt 10 wolves (Jacob’s Judges) with your bow. The reward this week is a Shovel Launcher and a new Outfit.

There are several spots in Far Cry 5 where you can find wolves. Travel to any of them and make sure you bring Jess with you to make the hunting easier and unlock the harvest master perk to get more bait. This will be your most important item to get this live event over with quickly. If you throw bait in wolf territory you get a wolf to spawn most of the time. The wolf also drops bait, so if you are lucky you can spawn enough wolves with the bait you get to finish the challenge in one go.

After hunting 10 wolves, return to a shop and collect your new shovel launcher. Not very effective since it literally shoots shovels, but the way enemies get launched through the air makes it a pretty fun weapon.



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