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Yakuza 6 | UFO Easter Egg Locations (Getting the UFO Finder / Search for UFO/Aliens Easter Egg)

Finding UFO’s with the help of the UFO Finder device is one of many easter eggs in Yakuza 6. To start your UFO hunt you have to have finished the game first, start a premium adventure and bought the UFO finder. The item can be found in stock at Ebisu Pawn in Kamurocho.

Buy the UFO Finder and equip it in the menu to start seeing Alien Ships. They only seem to appear in specific locations on the map. Her are two of these UFO sighting locations you can visit.

  1. Kamurocho (Rooftop of the Baseball pracitice arena)
  2. Onomichi (Sighseeing platform Senkoji)
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