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How to PACK-A-PUNCH in “The Shadowed Throne” Easter Egg Step (How to Build Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon)

Here is how you pack-a-punch and get the new wonder weapon “Wunderbuss” in The Shadowed Throne, the new WW2 Zombies map.

STEP 1 (Set the Radio Frequency)
Your first stop on your Easter Egg Hunt and Wonder Wepon build is at the Main Street. Check the radio in the back and remember the code on top of it. You will need this at the church, where you can find a map and a chart on the wall. Look for a red pin in a named location for your first clue. Now go to the chart to your left and use the code from the radio to find the correct frequency.

Return to the radio and set the frequency to trigger a short dialogue that mentions some flares.

STEP 2 (Set off the Flares & get the Geistbolt) 01:15
These flares can be found in a box next to a soldier in the plaza area. Melee the box twice to set off the box and shoot a signal into the sky. The airship will now come in and target zombies with geistbolts. If a zombie is hit with one, he glows red and sprints a you. To grab the geistbolt from the zombie simply melee it.

STEP 3 (Get the Battery) 01:59
Next up is the battery that can spawn in several locations that chances each match. On my playthroughs i found 2 locations in the museum and 1 in the Cabaret.

STEP 4 (Build the Wunderbuss) 02:40
At the bottom of the apartments is the wonder weapon room that you can now open with the battery. Place it next to the gates to get inside and take it back once you are in the room. With both the battery and the geistbolt you can now build the Wunderbuss.

STEP 5 (Open Pack-A-Punch with the Wunderbuss) 03:03
The last step before you can activate the Pack-A-Punch room is very simple and involves your new wonder weapon. Just outside in the spawn room you can see a small power box behind some bars. Use a grenade to open the plate and use the Wunderbuss to charge it.

Continue to the next room and repeat this quick charge of another power box to open the elevator gates with the pack-a-punch machine inside

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