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HANGMAN Solution / Tesla Gun & Ripsaw Wonder Weapons in The Shattered Throne WW2 ZOMBIES

The Wonder Weapons “TESLA GUN” and “RIPSAW” can be unlocked by playing hangman in the new “The Shattered Throne” DLC in WW2 Zombies.

The new hangman game can be played in main street and unlocks different goodies including the previous wonder weapon the tesla gun and the ripsaw with the correct word spelled out.

The game of hangman works just like in the real world in theory with a few strange mechanics (if you play this for the first time) in place to make it work here.

The display board above the cabaret is your game surface and you control it with your bullets. On th very left you can find the letter A. This spot will always display your current selection that you can confirm confirm by shooting the middle diamond just to the right. To change this selection use the top and bottom diamonds and scroll through the alphabet.


These two wonder weapons unlock with the hangman word WONDER. But since the word on the board is random you might have to start a few new hangman games to get it.

To start a new game, simply input any words until you either get the solution or you fail and the complete hangman appears on the left. This will reset the game and you can try again. Start with a W and see if it is the first letter. If it is, keep going and speel the whole word WONDER.

After you completed the word, the two wonder weapons will appear underneath the board and you can use both the Tesla Gun and the Ripsaw.

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