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God of War | IMPOSSIBLE TRIAL 4 (Enemies Regenerate Health Quickly / How to get Trials Keys)

Impossible trials unlock in the Realm of Fire after completing all 6 regular trials. You Earn Trial Keys, Greater Crest of Flame and Smouldering Ember from the reward chest.
For the impossible trial 4 im Muspelheim you have to kill enemies that regenerate health extremely fast.

The best way to take them out before they have their health back is to simply push them into the two lava pits in the trial area. Use your bare hands by pressing left or right on the d-pat and use Kratos’ kick (R2) to push the enemies into the lava. This works perfect for smaller foes but bigger ones will not let you push them as far. Use your combo finisher on them (R3) by punching them with your bare hands.

These two attacks are all you need for the impossible trial 4. After the fight you can collect your reward, a greater crest of flame, smouldering ember and some hacksilver.

Impossible Trials

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