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Fortnite WEEK 9 Challenge | All TACO Shop Locations (How to Find 3 Taco Shops in 1 Round)

The Week 9 Challenge to find Taco Shops in Fortnite, requires you to find 3 Taco Shop Locations in one match. There are multiple taco shops around the Fortnite battle royal map. Some of them are closer together and easier to get in one match than other. Notebly the ones near the Tilted tower. If you can try to land here and visit the three surrounding taco shops to complete this challenge without any hassle.

Here are the Taco Shop Map Locations (The first 3 being the closest together)
1 West of Tilted Towers 00:03
2 Tilted Towers 00:23
3 South of Shifty Shafts 00:41
4 Retail Row 00:57
5 Tomato Town 01:14

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