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Far Cry 5 | NEW Live Event #1 (Unlocking Flamebearer Outfit + Flamethrower)

The first new Live Event in Far Cry 5 lets you unlock the Flamebearer Outfit and the Flamebearer Flamethrower. These live events will take place each tuesday and will offer new challenges and rewards.

This weeks challenge uses fire exclusively and requires you to take down 20 animals with fire. With the exception of flamethrowers and molotovs, you can use all other sources of fire in the game.

Probably the quickest way to complete the live event is to buy incendiary ammo for your bow, shotgun and grenade launcher and travel to the Taft Lookout Tower in Faith’s Region.

Use the constantly respawning animals here to get your 20 fire kills and grab your new flamethrower, the flamebearer from the shop.

The second challenge is a community challenge and requires all Far Cry 5 player to complete a certain number of fire takedowns. This will unlock automatically after a while and unlock the flamebearer outfit.

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