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Far Cry 5 | Live Event #3 -April 17- (Road Kills / Unlocking The Grill Steak Skin + Outfit)

Live Event 3 is online in Far Cry 5 and it requires you to get 20 road kills with any vehicle. You can unlock a new vehicle skin called “The Grill Steak” and a new Outfit. A fast farming spot for these 20 Road kills is near the King’s Hot Springs Hotel. Fast travel there and hop into the van that is parked outside the house. Now head north-west towards the bliss fields. Inside these fields are usually a few groups of enemies that respawn over and over making it a perfect location to farm road kills.

One you are at the road, simply fast travel back to King’s Hot Springs Hotel and start over. Complete this route 3-4 times and you should have your 20 road kills completed.



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